Jarek Adamów graduated Music Academy (Conservatoire ) in Poland, in Lódź.

His thesis was about novadays reconstructions of very old Polish traditional songs. After that moment he started to make music very strongly inspired by Polish Folklore. As a member of few bands he played clarinet, but then he gradually broadened his instrumentarium including drums ( bass drum, darabuka, baraban ), sopiłka (soprano, bass ), hurdy – gurdy, kaval. He was very successful and won among others :

I place – “ Mikołajki folkowe “ festival in Lublin 1997

I place – “ Nowa Tradycja “ festival in Warsaw 1998

I place – “ Folkowa majówka “ festival in Radom1999

II place – “ Nowa Tradycja “ 2002, as a soloist

In 2000 Jarek participated in musical festival led by “ Brave Old World “ in Weimar in clarinet class of Kurt Bjorling, improving his technique. In 2003 he recorded solo cd – “ Songs of the medieval Polish bards” issued by Global Village Music, which scored prize “ Laureat of Folk Phonograph of the Year “ at the competition organized by Polish Radio. He performed concert in best and one of the most prestige concert hall in Poland – Polish Radio Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio in Warsaw , all one was transmitted by Polish Radio. In july 2004 he presented, as a solist, old ballads in Rudolstadt at “ Tanz and Folk Fest “ , main folk festival in Germany. His concert in church was many times transmitted by German Radio. In 2010 the cd -“Memories of the Stone” recorded together with SieGra band scored prize “Laureat of Folk Phonograph of the year". In 2016 this very important cd was also nominated for the most prestigious music prize in Germany - Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik.  Since 2001 Jarek Adamów together with the theatre Teatr NN has produced and performed story based on The Tales of Chassids - a music-theatre form integrating live illustrative music with Chassidic stories. They were very successfull and played in the most pretigious theatre places in Poland, Ukraine and Sweden. He also cooperate with Gardzienice Theatre as a musician who plays his live music to spectacles.


In 2017 he was as a soloist and a member of Sie Gra and Jarek Adamów ETNOMALIA Projekt eight times nominated in six categories for JPF 2017 Music Awards in U.S.A.

On the 29th december 2020 he scored the JPF Music Awards 2020 :


Best Polka Song Winner - Jarek Adamów ETNOMALIA Projekt - Polka

Best Jewish / Klezmer Song Winner - Jarek Adamów ETNOMALIA Projekt - Transhasyd

Best Jewish / Klezmer Album Finalist - Jarek Adamów ETNOMALIA Projekt


Jarek commissioned the creation unique hurdy-gurdy by Stanislaw Wyzykowski. Its design include some technical improvements largely enriching the score of the instrument. This hurdy-gurdy became the jumping off point for the present repertoire of bards' legends. Gradually Jarek introduced his own modifications. The collect ballads Jarek has conducted interviews, to pored over ancient tomes of songs. I invite all of you to visit this land of music and hear masterpieces performed by homeless beggars whose life was endless wandering and ceaseless with a wind, blowing right in their faces.

In the 2022 the cd of Jarek Adamów & Traditional Polish Vocal Ansamble Sami Swoi - "Expedition To The Lost World, Part II - Spring" was nominated to the most prestigious German music prize  - Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik

Discography :

  • "Się Gra", MTJ 2000
  • "Songs of the Medieval Polish Bards", Global Village Music & Old Country Music, BMI 2003.
  • "Expedition to the Lost World - Part One – Winter" ( with traditional vocal ansamble Sami Swoi from Kopyłów ), Folken Music 2006
  • "Contemporary Polish Village Music" ( together with Paweł Brzozowski ), Folken Music 2008
  • "Memories of the Stone" ( SieGra band ), Folken Music 2010
  • "New Polish Klezmer Music" ( Jarek Adamów ETNOMALIA Projekt ), Folken Music 2010
  • "Fall in Mountains", Folken Music 2013
  • "Expedition to the Lost World - Part II  – Spring" ( with traditional vocal ansamble Sami Swoi from Kopyłów ) Folken Music 2022
  • "In Search of Sources" ( together with Marcin Kozak ) Folken Music 2022