Taibele and her demon

  • Witold Dąbrowski - actor
  • Jarek Adamów – music
  • Tomasz Pietrasiewicz – director

Story by I.B. Singer was based in a small town near Lublin where the theatre NN is situated. Let's go back to the past with no television, radio and internet... Could you imagine that ? The only mass media transmition was made by wandering bards and actress who were telling about many extraordinary things which happened. People were listened to them with great respect and attention.

Our theatre has only two stage props: clarinet and one chair. We want to make our media transmittion as simple as possible.

Since 2001 Jarek Adamów together with the theatre Teatr NN has produced and performed story based on The Tales of Chassids - a music-theatre form integrating live illustrative music with Chassidic stories. They were very successfull and played in the most pretigious theatre places in Poland, Ukraine and Sweden.