Performed by :

  • Jarek Adamów: accordion, bass drum, foot-taping, vocal
  • Jadwiga Palonka: vocal
  • Stanisława Dutka: vocal
  • Irena Remiszewska: vocal
  • Władysław Kuczyński: vocal, cymbal

Traditional Polish vocal ansamble - " Sami Swoi " exist 32 years. Just about half of it's members ceased to be. But the remaining ones still cultivate their old singing tradition

Polish – Ukrainian border. Melting pod of foreign nationalities, cultures and religions. In a past time place of one of the most bloody conflicts in European history. Any town you enter on a eastern border of Poland you gonna see both catholic and ortodox churches. Add to it synagogue that does not exist anymore. Those who survived rarely came back to look into the past. They usually don’t even want to talk about it.

I wanted to make this recordings a little bit similiar to historical recordings, which I very like to listen. You could hear that the sound sometimes is not perfect, but we don’t live in a perfect world, also. I 
could record it in many different ways, but I decided to choose right this way, to make it as natural as it is indeed. That was my idea.

This is one of the most authentic and true music project which I have made in my life.

When you read our notes you could be surprised that the songs sometimes talk about funny things. But I just tried to catch the moment in time which was about 70 years ago and be as authentic as possible.

Jarek Adamów