Jarek Adamów: accordion, bass guitar, electric guitar ( 11 ), darabuka

Paweł Brzozowski: electric guitar, programming, sampling

My comment will be very short: Such is Polish village in the age of mechanisation and technical progress. Nothing less, nothing more. The picture of this village is 100% true, reliable and most importantly authentical.

Jarek Adamów

Paweł Brzozowski - guitarist and composer. After being member of few rock bands he became a solo artist, making music for modern theatre performances. In 2003 he published his own album titled " Songs of Plankton " . It wasn't a bestseller but critics wrote good about that music. Occasionaly Paweł cooperate with friends in his projects like a guitarist, composer and sound engineer.

Jarek Adamów is associated with folk scene for many years. He graduated Music Academy ( Conservatoire ) in Poland, in Łódź. His thesis was about novadays reconstructions of very old Polish traditional songs. After that moment he started to make music very strongly inspired by Polish Folklore.