The music - theatre - dance stage action - " Paradise Lost " is Jarek Adamów and  My Persony Theatre latest work.


We  are very strongly inspired by the idea of theatre of Jerzy Grotowski - the " Art as a vehicle " or " Ritual arts " . It looks like opportunity to the "Art as presentation", which nowadays people can see in the most theatres all over the world.


We have personal experience regarding cooperation with actors from Gardzienice theatre directed by Wlodzimierz Staniewski, who worked with Jerzy Grotowski in Poland, when he was living here.The leader of My Persony Theatre cooperated with The Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw and was connected with the Academy for Theater Practices in OPT Gardzienice.



In our work we use Jarek Adamów's music which is very strongly inspired by the old Polish songs, it is like a platform, on which we try to build the action. We try to connect the music and the scene movement as close as possible. Jarek plays traditional instruments like hurdy gurdy , sopilka, bas sopilka, kaval and clarinet, to make it sound as old ritual music but nowadays.


The Body and Music Improvisation is very important in our performance. We don't want to feel stagnation or bore which very often comes from multiple times performing exactly the same structures, music, poses, etc. Our performance is like live form, live organism, which simply still lives.




The story is more or less about myth of the eternal return, the disobedience of Adam and Eve thrown out of a Paradice. In Jarek Adamow and  My Persony theatre interpretation. So we have included sentences :



Disobedience is the basis of freedom


Obedient must be slaves



Freedom is the ability to self-discipline



I hate freedom


it forces to make a choice



These sentences are still actual and important in our life.