• Jarek Adamów - clarnet, kaval
  • Marcin Kisiel - guitar, bass guitar ( U-boat)
  • Piotr Dankiewicz - bass guitar
  • Zbigniew Zaręba - drums

Is a new artistic proposal that we would like to offer you. It is a band of musicians who all share an extensive experience on the stage, who have been co-forming folk scene in Poland by participating in many music events. Our repertoire includes works inspired by multicultural Polish folk music pieces created on the soil that has been inhabited by Poles, Ukrainians, Tatars, Germans and Jews. The music, though, is interpreted in a unique and original way. Performing our music we strive to find a common denominator of all those diverse cultures, recognizing the characteristics of each of them. It is not an easy task, especially if we take into account a huge time distance and different realities that we now live in. Nevertheless, we hope that the vision of encounter with the legendary past, that could happen nowadays, would look exactly like this.

I have always wanted to make 100% truthful music, connected with reality. There are many bands who play “folk” music, but it is not truth, the time and reality now are completely different then time when melody pieces played by them were born and the context and correctly understanding are lost.
The street photos are very important to understand this project. This music is connected with reality, with a place where it came from.
Musicians in Poland still use word “klezmer”, but in different context then in U.S. or West Europe. For us a klezmer it is a musician who plays many styles, who can play everything, even bossa nova, or some ritual dances from Africa, not only jewish music. I’ve named this recording “New Polish Klezmer Music” because it is.
When you listen to this you can hear that the tuning is lost. When you look at the photos, you can feel that something is not right, too

Jarek Adamów