Chojzes Klezmorim:


Jarek Adamów

Przemysław Łozowski

Marcin Kowalczuk

Paweł Świderski


The band's main assumption is to refer to the sound of traditional klezmer brass bands that once existed in the eastern territories of Poland. This does not mean that the band focuses only on playing sounds popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries in Central and Eastern Europe. He often presents old melodies based on the interpenetration of cultures - Jewish, Hungarian and Slavic (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian) in original arrangements and studies. It is important, however, not to lose the spirit of the times when many nations coexisted with each other, creating a unique culture.

Formerly, when in the Polish territories belonging to Russia it came out that Jews could not play instruments such as violins, dulcimer or double bass, the ingenious Jewish people reached for wind instruments. And in this way the clarinet replaced the violin, the trumpet - the second violin, and the tuba - a double bass.